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Staggering Facts That Work Against Improving the Educational System in Guatemala

  • Educational process was disrupted due to the 36 year civil war in Guatemala.

  • Literacy rate in Guatemala is 71%.

  • Public education is free and available from K-6. However, families must pay for books, supplies, and transportation for their children to continue past the 6th grade..

  • Only 25 % of children from the village attend school after the 6th grade.

  • Children attend school from 7:30 - 12:30 and then work in the fields or markets.

  • Average income for population near village is $2 per day (per adult).

  • Average size family near village - 6 to 8 children.

About the Children and Teachers...

Their teachers work tirelessly to provide an engaging environment that will entice attendance. However, the economic situation that has plagued the Mayan people for generations makes it difficult to keep education as the top priority.

Even though many of these kids come to school hungry and go to bed hungry, their hunger for learning never ceases.

Their smiles light up a room.

Their questions show deep thought and curiousity.

These are bright, inquisitive children who are eager to learn.


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