At the core, we are a group of teachers from North Carolina area who are reaching out to the world. Through a series of what can only be described as serendipitous connections in 2007, we decided to visit a school in a small Mayan village in the highlands of Guatemala. It turns out that a student of one of our trip leaders has a grandfather who grew up in the village where the school is located. That thread of connection crossed geographic, cultural, and historical boundaries to create beautiful friendships..

Our search for a sister school was unchartered territory and is the reason we named our organization Big "LEAP" of Faith. For the past 6 years we have continued to share unique educational strategies, school supplies, and much more with our sister school!

Who We Are....



Who is your favorite teacher? What teacher has influenced your life? What if you had the chance to tell the world how incredible that teacher was? In celebration of Teacher Appreciation month you have a chance!! By sharing your thanks publicly you could also make a difference in another teacher’s life. Donate a bit and you can strengthen education in Guatemala! We are a nonprofit group raising money to provide teaching materials and professional workshops for our teacher friends in Guatemala.

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2. Donate $1, $5, $10 or more to LEAP.

3. Now you can go to and click on the “Thank-A-Teacher” link.

4. Here is your change to fill out the information and leave your THANKS to a special teacher who made a difference to you.

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